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The vast majority of my aikidoka friends joke with me or look at me like I have two heads when I talk about the exercises and demonstrate them. They're not really interested, but then that's their perogative.

I just put my head down and get on with it. Why would a Shihan start trying to transmit this stuff after one seminar??

i have the same experience with my aikido folks. most don't have the inclination or the drive/obsession to do this stuffs. most just want to know how to do aikido techniques and in some new ways. i just slided some of these stuffs into the warm-up routines, but not telling them about it. wait a minute, didn't Shirata sensei did just that? yup, i hid the thing in plain sight (sorry for using your phrase Ellis). i wouldn't be surprise that some of the aikido teachers who had exposure to IP/IS do the same thing and not bother to explain it. i am sure they would explain to folks who are persistance in asking. sort of a test. do you have the right aptitude to learn this stuffs? why teach the uninterested? you want it? you have to fight for it and work for it. old school approach.

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