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Re: Online Decline?

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This is very good statement. Now, I'm not sure how it is possible to reinforce it in reality?

I'm giving example:. I'm posting a video of a technique to have different opinions what can be improved. There are few responses with good, constructive criticism. So far so good. Suddenly all this nice interaction will be destroyed by "IS/IP extremist team".
Now, let's go from your "fantasy" example into the real world of Aikiweb.

First, go through the "Techniques" forum. Read through where people have asked for help on techniques and then give me the actual percentages where IP/aiki has "destroyed" threads. It's so extremely small as to not even matter. There goes your "example".

Second, you attack personalities when you state "all this nice interaction will be destroyed" as if the "regular" people are nice and the IP/aiki people are horrible. How about reality now? IP/aiki has brought together people from all over the aikido world, all working together, laughing, having fun, and training hard. There goes your "example".

Third, you paint IP/aiki as "extremists". Let's look at IP/aiki people. George Ledyard, Chris Li, Marc Abrams, Bill Gleason, Howard Popkin, Gary Welborn, Allen Beebe, etc, etc, etc. You really want to call them extremists? There goes your "example".

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
They will dismiss all other opinions than theirs(we could see it not only in technical but even in spiritual aspect of aikido!!), only on the base of criterion that my technique has no ‘aiki' and all people in the discussion have no clue what aiki is and should come to seminar to feel it. No matter what other posters express in their posts, the same "argument" will be brought again and again without any other technical explanations because ‘aiki 'is ‘too precious' to be openly discussed.
Let's go back to the real world again. I have posted quite a lot of research regarding Ueshiba's aiki, what shape it took, what skills he had, what his students thought, etc. Openly discussed. Chris Li has posted a blog detailing translations of Ueshiba's words about aiki. Openly discussed. Rob John posted technical details on exercises of the Aunkai. I have posted technical details on exercises. Openly discussed here on Aikiweb. Dan Harden has. Mike Sigman has. All openly discussed. There are multiple threads where people have gone to a "vetted" IP/aiki seminar, come back to Aikiweb, and outright stated, they were wrong! Openly discussed. There goes your "example".

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
That's why, less and less ancient members post here, myself included. That's why you had to create the special columns where ANY discussion is forbidden. That's why there are less and less new ideas that come from actual physical practice (IS/IP team doesn't practice aikido at all! because it contradicts aiki development…).

I understand you well and myself like a lot the diversity of opinions. However if small minority destroys whole forum, it is time to have new rules, and those who break them, should be removed from forum.
Only then the real interaction can be slowly rebuilt, as more and more ppl will not be afraid being ridiculed by IS/IP fanatics.
Actually, if we go by your post, you've pretty much attacked personalities, drawn conclusions from how you "feel" things have gone, rather than the reality of it, and are trying to portray the IP/aiki people as being bad for the forum. In reality, it's nowhere near that.

In fact, it's a small group of vocal people who are anti-IP/aiki who attack personalities (in fact, you did just that, in general, in your post), use word play, cherry pick quotes, and just generally complain without any foundational basis except everyone's opinion should be valid (except the IP/aiki people because they're trouble makers).
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