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Re: Pertaining to the seeds of rancor

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Sometimes, it does seem like you want IP/aiki to go away. Sometimes it doesn't. I really didn't know. I'm still unsure.
Quickly, as I'm pretty busy right now at work, but I'll just say that it is not my intention to push away any sector of aikido practice. To be clear: I am not trying to make internal training discussions to go away.

With that said, I will be succinct (and perhaps blunt) here when I say that the tone employed on AikiWeb by many of those who engage in internal training practices has become unacceptable. Additionally, I believe that many of the lines of arguments brought forth by those who engage in internal training methods do not support civil and respectful discussions but, rather, only lead to creating division and rancor. These, I wish to see changed (ie eliminated), and I will be addressing these points in the near future.

-- Jun

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