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Hi Chris,

I'm not implying anything of the kind. I'm simply reporting that Mr. Bernath, although "exposed to this work," does not seem to have adopted it explicitly in the seminar classes he is teaching. Because you know Mr. Bernath (I do not), you might ask him why that is.

I know Peter. I have a lot of admiration and respect for Peter. So, from one person attending a recent Summer Camp and taking a few classes there, your point is? It's the official USAF Summer Camp. Had I been attending, I would have expected to train in USAF material. If I go to an ASU Camp, I expect the same thing. These, to me, are where you get to train with other people, shihan, and high muckety-mucks of that organization in that organization's material.

What's your point here? Did you contact Peter directly and ask him about this before you dragged his name out in public? Why not? It's common courtesy and you might get answers directly from the source.

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