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The main problem I have with the "IP" community, is that they are so eager, that this whole discussion seems like a done deal to them. In my opinion, your hard work has just now started.
It is a done deal. I think you are basing the reality of what we are doing on some sort of uneducated consensus among the western folk. We don't need a Sudanese child to know about Algebra in order to make Algebra a "done deal." There is no requirement that Chris Hein know about this in order to make it a done deal. This debate was over a long time before you or I were born.
Ueshiba didn't need anyone to know "how" he did what he did either in order to make it a done deal.. In fact most of our founding teachers didn't give a rip if we EVER found out.
You've gotten people to listen, now you have to prove what you say.
I have been proving what I say for quite a while in rooms filled with dozens of people and I may be on the downward side of that soon. This isn't the wild west where I have to prove it to every gun slinger.

Don't operate under the impression that I want everyone to accept that what I am saying is true. Mind/body work was never for everyone. As Sagawa noted, most aren't cut out for it. This stuff is rockin good fun that will last a lifetime if you have a disciplined and curious mind. The nature of the work ensures it will remain elusive or elite as a treasure for those who chase it. But sadly, there are plenty of teachers who spent decades in Asia and never got it either and are convinced they did. I am not talking to them either. I am reaching out and having a dialogue with select, motivated people who are sharp enough to have realized that something didn't add up. Something wasn't quite right and have at least been searching.

At a certain point I hope this skill becomes self selective and most people simply "opt out." That will leave the majority of Budo people to be athletically driven, normal people convinced that better athletics is all there is. As one well known teacher said to me. "Don't TELL everyone....we need normal people to practice on."...Hey wait! Maybe that explains why so many Asian teachers said Only teach one or two people...hhmmm.

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