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Re: Vantage points

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Chris Hein
Your counter argument for such tiny percentages makes my case when I say to you "Do you have anything positive to say at all?" Given any opportunity you choose to accent the negative and almost begrudgingly mention something that might be positive. That said, we are not talking about just me are we? At least I'm not. The overwhelming impact that those with IP have had on Aikido (once an art based on IP) is the real point. Hence the argument for the correct translations, the correct pedagogy, the fact that the same work produced other unusual men, etc etc.
I know, it's just that most Aikido people don't really want to put themselves out there in that way, so I do it because we some balance. Also, I disagree with much of what you've said. Nothing personal, but I don't agree with much of it. The main problem I have with the "IP" community, is that they are so eager, that this whole discussion seems like a done deal to them. In my opinion, your hard work has just now started. You've gotten people to listen, now you have to prove what you say.

So I'll give you the props I think you deserve:

1. Dan Harden must be a very charismatic person in real life, many people seem to like him.
2. He has done lot's of work on his stuff, and it seems to interest lot's of the people in the internet Aikido community.

Those are the two things I can say that I'm pretty sure about. You've also gotten enough people interested in you, that I would like to meet you myself, and would like to come to ADV and meet you. I'm also pretty sure about that.

Beyond that, let's talk some more and see where it goes.

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