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Re: Vantage points

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.......At some point we need to recognize that this body technology is old...ancient...and is the foundation for all of the legends we have heard about. Otherwise we will continue to be victimized by poor teaching, and on a continual quest for yet another face to put on it...and that typically Asian.
I had this conversation back in the '80s with a couple of friends, one you will meet next time you are out.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Recognizing the richness and the context is intriguing and rewarding in itself. And in the end it helps is to understand an analogy that would forever have escaped our ability to...translate or absorb. Hence the budo scholars who didn't get it either.
As for this I think that this is the stuff that gets people looking for other hidden gems, to other sources and for the future. I do think it takes a certain kind of individual who has desire to look, the time and the research approach, as well as abilities to put it to effective practical use. If not it is valuable only if someone can find the research, figure it out and then work it out. There are a few of the first type and more of the second....but not many more.

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