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Hey all-

I've got a question, hopefully someone has some experience that relates to this:

A good friend of mine in the dojo recently damaged his back rather badly.
Right now the prognosis he gets from every doctor he's talked to basically boils down to this:
"Stay away from the martial arts. Forever." This person identifies himself very strongly with aikido, to the point of learning japanese, attending university (and aikido) in Tokyo etc..
Basically he's down to to alternatives:
Either quit aikido entirely, or show up in classes, without doing any ukemi, and only throw when he's able to keep his back straight and still.

I watched him during class yesterday, and he didn't seem very happy with being only "half there" during practice.

Also, in the long run, what could be the effect of never taking ukemi, only throwing?

Comments on this situation?

Heigh Ho!
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