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Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
I think that the number of "views" a thread has had is a better measure of how controversial and/or active a thread is rather than how positive or negative that topic may be.

-- Jun
Good point
Aren't we seeing that as more and more budo-ka being actively interested then?
Why do they write in if they are not interested at all? How many who write have gone on to meet?
As a progression, I am intimately aware of so many teachers here, who debated with me vehemently who have become close friends, not only with me, but with other teachers they would never have met were it not for aikiweb.
This is all because of you Jun. And your efforts with aikiweb.

I know you hear from people who are upset, and I know you have been upset yourself on your own terms. I keep hoping you will continue to strive for us all. Aikiweb has made an impact that people will be talking about long after the web has gone to pasture to be replaced by some other venue.
"Where did you first meet?"
Oh...funny story. I met him on the web on what used to be forums it was called Aikiweb!"

Or...Remember aikiweb?"

In the fullness of time aikiweb may prove to be as critical to a dynamic shift happening in Aikido as Aikido Journal was.

Anyway...thank you for your efforts.

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