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Re: Vantage points

Phew, this thread is going all over the place while I'm busy typing…

Yeah, to what Hugh said….

But then also, I really wonder whether yet another support from virtual "nobody's" like me (not you Hugh) would really -- tongue in cheek - "convert" the Aikiweb readers at large (and no, not all of "us" are out to convert). Still, for the most part it's the Gospel of the individual's dojo that will dictate the policy, the sentiments, the understanding and thus, influence ones point of reference.

Take the situation in my country, the Netherlands, for instance. From all the Dutch attendees of Dan's seminars, we have had only one high ranking individual who, to the best of my knowledge, does not share/teach this stuff in his own dojos. There may be various reasons for this, I'm sure. Most other attendees where individuals not in charge of their own dojo's, some of whom have faced problems of no longer fitting in the dogma of their dojo or origin. Not all, but some. Many have a hard(er) time trying, wanting to hold on to this IP/Aiki thing as individuals but have not succeeded in getting their dojo buddies (or instructor) enthusiastic enough to either attend or be open to the possibility there may be more behind the horizon. I think it's praiseworthy that these individuals refuse to ignore what they were exposed to while not having the luxury of being able to train this with like minded people on a regular basis (apart from the irregular get togethers).
Only three individuals (myself included) are running their own dojo's and are focused fully on (or have integrated) Dan's approach.
So, it goes to show how little interest or exploration urge/need there is at "the top" of Dutch Aikido. If there is any revolution at hand, it's a very slooooooow one. I've noticed, throughout the years only a tiny number of participants on Aikiweb are Dutch. Even in my hometown, from the two other Aikido dojo instructors, both never visit Aikiweb. And the one Dutch Aikikai forum went debunked a couple of years ago due to a lack of interest (and quality control IMHO).

So, it is up to that particular individual who keeps an open mind. Who is also active on the internet and can differentiate what is what and who is who (which takes time). Especially so for those who have yet to step on to the scene and have tons of threads to sift through before being able to make any distinction at all (I think most of the fiercest IP/Aiki debates took place between 2006-2010).
What keeps these discussion also going, maybe, is that us "IP crowd" would love to have been able to have had exposure to this years ago. To the point of sometimes wanting to shout it (not too subtle) from the rooftops, we all share the incredible enthusiasm of the treasure of this "stuff." If I could go back in time, I would really have loved to had this been my first exposure to MA's. And I'm sure somewhere amongst the Aikiweb readers, is another (like I was at the time when I began) 14 year old not that different from me back then….

Now what was this thread about again….?

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