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Re: Vantage points

Dan Harden wrote: View Post

The above statement has never been fully addressed. Chris Hein decided to tell us that he knows some people who thought the work (in this case, mine) was nothing special. Fine by me. I never said 100%. What he still doesn't address is the other 99%, or that fact that his "people" still failed to demonstrate unusual power...face to face. Why can I say that? Because I would have remembered them. They would have been different.
Hey Dan,

I'm not trying to get into an argument here, so please read my tone, as discussion oriented and not attacking.

The feeling of "unusual power" is a bad point of discussion in my opinion. The reason is because the statement is so subjective. For example, both Patrick Cassidy, and Tim Cartmell have done things to me that felt "unusual". I have done things to my students that made them ask me time and again, "how did you do that, how is that possible". I'm not in anyway claiming with this that Cassidy, Cartmell or myself have what you call "IP/Aiki" However all of us have demonstrated "unusual power" at one point or another. Something being unusual doesn't make it "IP/Aiki" it only makes it out of the ordinary for some people.

On another note, and again I'm trying to be friendly here; it would be nice if your posts were more concise. The reason I say this is because lot's of times when you post, there are so many things to read and then address, it's nearly impossible to fully get to any of them. If we stick to one part at a time, I think we'll all benefit. And maybe you'll be able to convince more people of your points, even over the internet. Thanks!

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