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Re: Vantage points

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
... For someone who appears to against dvd usage / video ...
You missed my point. Which is in very shot terms, that it's useless to watch a video without having touched the teacher and maye got oral instruction.

My personal videos on youtube are clearly not instructional and they are clearly not showing aikidō on a level that could help others in any way.

Regarding seminars ... Same as running courses, no need for you to tell me anything about running /casing courses.
Yes, I had assumed that, even without knowing your biographie. You just sound this way.
The more I found it "astounding" and "not very good mannered" to discuss fees in the way you did.

As for 'our group ' a bit of Sherlock Holmes detection on your part , surfing the web, will reveal all.
As for you compared "your group", I would have found nice to know about it. I then googled your name + aikido and that didn't lead me to "your group". So I let it go.

Last but not least I am non judgemental in respect of course fees.
You compared yours to others.

Maybe I simply didn't understand you.
Maybe the language barrier is a problem so I got you wrong.
For sure I am oversensitiv.

I understood:
Comparing one's own fees to those of other teachers and pointing at them because they seem to be more expensive.
Demanding videos (on the internet) of a teacher instead of going and practice with him.
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