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To a select their own admission.

Why does this quote even exist?
What does it mean?
Why....did he, a student of Ueshiba have solo training methods to help produce #1. How does #1 contribute significantly to producing the rest.
1. Place the immovable body
2. In an invincible position
3. Release metsubushi
4. Until the opponent becomes
Non resistant...Shirata

Why was his solo work not taught at Hombu?
Why did he openly state that he didn't even teach it to all of his students (including some very famous ones), but to only a few. That statement is such a reality in Japanese budo that it has been quoted by many Japanese teachers, interview after interview for over a hundred years. Why then are we so surprised, that so many did not get it? Whats new? They told us up front. Would you be surprised if I listed four shihans and two Koryu sokes who said the same thing in 2012? It's just the way it is.

Again, why are we so very surprised that so many of us didn't get it? And now we argue with those who actually did, fighting with each other instead of helping support each other. No one else is out there helping Westerners get a leg up.... BUT the IP guys.
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