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Re: Pertaining to the seeds of rancor

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
And now, you say that what the very founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, did, has no place on this forum?
No, I said no such thing. What I said was, "This line of argument that one group is "better" than the other has no place in a discussion forum. Please stop."

Just because you (the generic "you" in this case) might be able to best someone in a physical altercation does not have bearing to a discussion. That is one line of argument that I do not want to see here on AikiWeb.
Jun, if you want Aikiweb to be a place for just Modern Aikido, all you have to do is state it outright.
Please stop putting things into my mouth, Mark. I have never said any such thing.
If you want the Modern "aiki" that is everything to everyone, from the receiver dodging defenders to the person wearing a beret, just say so.
On this topic, for the moment, I will say that there is much to be said about bringing up historical information regarding a term and its "original" meaning(s), and I welcome such discussions. And, at the same time, to keep countering its accepted use within the broad, global aikido community as a blunt weapon to seemingly delegitimize the way in which others train is something I do not want to see on my website.

-- Jun

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