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Frankly I would like Aikiweb to again be a place where Aikido people with all different ideas can come together and talk. I also realize that I have at times made that difficult. So what I was trying to do was wave a flag.
That has never changed. You perhaps just don't like to hear some Aikido teachers opinions.
Aikido people are still talking about their Aikido. Only now you have teachers talking about...their view.....their view....of what Aiki is based on a three thousand year old body technology your founder loved to talk about.

I planned this to happen in 2009 when I came up with the idea to teach teachers. I knew and predicted, and wrote down what was going to happen.
As one well known budo author wrote me privately.
"f___n brilliant!"
Shortest email i ever got from him.
So, here in 2013 Apparently some very credible teachers think its a good thing.
Discussion doesn't mean we always agree. "Iron sharpens iron" and all that. I just wish we could be nicer while debating.

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