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Re: Vantage points

Mathew's post rang true for me because in terms of semantics one word CAN and often does legitamately mean different things AND because one can differentiate the word from one or all of the described phenomenon.
What the IP folks are doing is 100% effective and valuable and yes can be integrated into aikido whether it is named "aiki", "that weird stuff" or "Tsar Nicholas". Yes, I understand that it is being called "aiki because it is seen as the root of what Takeda, Uashiba, etc were doing. But the word cannot be owned.
Many longtime aikidoka are accustomed to using the same word to mean something else. They are not ipso facto wrong. They are indeed using the word to describe something different from the IP folks. But this is not only a martial arts arguement; it is an ages old LANGUAGE arguement in every culture there are those who want to codify and preserve language in amber ignoring that it is a messy changing human artifact.
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