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Re: Vantage points

David Soroko wrote: View Post
everybody - 1 at least. In my opinion trying to shoehorn the Founder's "Aiki" into any single paradigm makes no sense.

No way! Are you sure?
Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
At some time in the future when youth begins to fail you, technique fails at times with out cooperative will look for other approaches that can step in an support your waza.......and you will. Is Dan the only While he is a friend is he my only Dan and I have talked many times...he has been in my home 3 times and we have had this conversation every time.....Dan is not the only source, but he is a source and a solid one. My approach now while trying to keep my hand in Aikido is to find and use whatever is helpful, whether it comes from Dan, from my friend John or another Aikido friend Walter.....or Sam Chin when I get a chance.....all providing approaches outside of technical waza that is very helpful.

As John has said to me a number of times....technique can fail you, but principles never fail....put aside the rancor and take a chance that there may be value in what is being provided.

Just go straight

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