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Re: Vantage points

Hi Chris, thank you for the reply!
Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I do have a problem with objections that are based on an accusation of branding.
Wait, you mean I didn't have to get that big "D" burned onto my...dammit!
I sympathize with Krystal's discomfort regarding the way a lot of these discussions read, which was why I mentioned my own initial impressions, which shared a similar "vibe." And, let's face it, this whole IP thing has become quite popular, regardless of the reasoning. Someone could easily take advantage of that kind of situation for personal gain, but I agree with Dan and a bunch of others that it's generally better to assume the best of intentions in people. Speaking of which, I don't think she was making accusations so much as honestly describing how they trigger a response in her.
I think roughly comparing payout is useful as a relative metric. It does put the profiteering issue somewhat to rest, but in a sense it's a red-herring since we don't know her or others' views on the state of costs in Aikido. When you then consider her desire to check "IT" out, I think it's clear she finds some compelling evidence, probably based on the many testimonies we do see (i.e. an acknowledgement of the available evidence on AikiWeb). This was in context of IP, not "Modern Aikido," wasn't it?

...and for the record, I think perhaps I misunderstood part of Dan's point if he doesn't think the issue of monitary gain should have been mentioned in this thread. Considering it was in a bullet point at the top of the OP, it may have been mentioned to support the idea of an unfair treatment of those who support this kind of training in this forum, but that it was mentioned certainly does suggest (to me at least) it was part of the discussion.
...again I fall back on my own ignorance (if it were Fool's Gold I'd still be rich) as my own defense for having mentioned it. Sorry, Dan, for having done so! ...Sincerely, I'm sure you're pretty tired of this particular issue.

It's interesting to note that one of the reasons that Sagawa believed that Takeda had created Aiki himself (rather than inheriting it from a long tradition) is that he believed that it was too difficult to transmit reliably over multiple generations. I'm not sure that I agree completely - but I certainly see his point.
This rings true to me. Of course I have only the weakest of inference to draw from, but it seems getting some of it might be easy, given direct instructions especially, but ultimately it seems to depend on how well people are able to tap into their own body/mind. Then again, maybe that was what he said to placate those he didn't teach directly. Who knows...
What I do "know" is training for many of us is a life-long endeavor and knowledge obfuscates as much as it reveals; maintaining an open mind (beginner mind) is often tougher the further along the path we go.
Ok, enough from this idiot. Take care, folks.
p.s. And a Happy Happy New Year to all of you and all of yours!!!!!!!

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