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I really wish people would stick to the OP and not jump all over the map. Aiki and IP, as a discussion, is much larger than me or a few posters here and what I was addressing.

Questions about profit as motive I find hilarious, given my fees, travel expenses and hours offered in seminars. That said:WHY....IS ANYONE DISCUSSING WHAT I CHARGE IN THE FIRST PLACE?
and then accusing me of only being interested in a marketing/profit motive?
Why have none of you EVER, sat here and discussed a virtual parade of top Budo teacher's rates, books, DVD's, first class tickets, marketing and mandatory seminars for rank.

And as is being demonstrated here by David and others, when you can't successfully address people's responses about fees (like Chris's to him) you change the subject. There is no interest.... none addressing The OP's questions and issues... hundreds of senior teachers evaluations and switching over to what we are showing. So instead,simply ignore them, or find a way to explain it all away.

I know why.
1. How can you address the 100% failure rate of your teachers in open rooms (that is virtually undeniable).
2. The impossible scenario of almost 100% of teachers switching to what I and others are providing.
3. The fact that virtually none of you, not even one of you debating.....has demonstrated unusual power anywhere in front of anyone (as your founder was noted for).
4. I stand, in open rooms and discuss, define, and demonstrate Ueshiba's exercises and work, and then provide a means for people to start to at least understand and get power and aiki...on the spot.
5. No Aikido teacher in existence, (Japanese or otherwise that I am aware of) can or has done that for you. Not even a single one. Yet I have been and will continue to offer to help- as I was asked.


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