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Re: Financial self-protection

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On the self-preservation via self-pickling... Recently there was a story here in So Cal about some guy arrested for something non-related and they found a small still in his garage. The police and DA didn't know what to do about it and had to call ATF to ask them if it was legal or not. It is that rare out here. And last I heard they were trying to decide whether to bother charging him or not. Best I could tell from the story he was just distilling his own booze to save money.

But you can brew all the wine and beer you want legally.

And hey, I use a *lot* of distilled water when I'm polishing. So one of those water distillers is a necessary part of my work!
You see that telescope, Mr. BATF man? I have to keep the mirror meticulously clean, and why buy distilled water when I can just make it? We all have our uses.....

Jupiter is awesome right now. Cant wait to get me some more Saturn when it is visible at a more convenient time. I dont do that pre-dawn nonsense.
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