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Re: Vantage points


Well before ever posting about this stuff, I did research...about a year's worth(in the case of IP/Aiki). I usually make some kind of smarta** remark, mostly for my own amusement. Nothing about the training, because I'm a beginer. Anyhow, it is beyond me why people don't get up and go train. I've gone to Washington DC, Canada, Japan, and soon Finland for seminars. I'm nowhere near rich. There is plenty on this website and others about IP/Aiki...use the search function, or be like me and read each thread from the start. Most times, your basic questions will be answered. For the real training methods, you will have to go TRAIN!!! It's true YouTube won't teach you anything, great to watch but without the training useless. But with a bit of training and direction vids can help. Just my opinion. Get up, open yourself and get out onto the floating bridge. I did and I'm better from it. So far I've had a great time and made many new friends. So if you are a bit intersted do a bit of research and seek it out. You most likely won't regret it!!! :0)



PS From my vantage point...!!! ;0)
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