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As to the price of the product, I already said that in my opinion, Dan Harden is entitled to charge whatever he sees fit.
As a perspective on price....thinking about Dan and the meditative weekends my wife sometime attends....considering that both are about 12 hours of "mat" time.....Dan is charging somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 an hour.....from that he pays the fee for the dojo rental and airfare. He limits the numbers in the 20s to allow for more personal hands on.... Understand this about Dan.....the mat time is 12-14 hours only because we (the students) burn out before he does. Dan would easily go more he sez the mind wears out before the body does...... so the per hour price for us could easily be in the $11 per hour range. Now my wife goes to weekend meditative retreats a couple of times a year were the price to the "mat" work is $375 for the same amount of time that Dan instructs.....she is paying $23 per hour......

Just a note...having trained with Dan four times I would gladly pay $23 hour for what he provides. I say this knowing that I have taken ukemi from most of the major teachers in this country that were direct students of O'Sensei and most of the major teachers on the West Coast during the 70's through 2000...... while all of these folks were technical experts, special teachers if you will, only two did anything so different that I ask myself "what was that?" These were Saotome Sensei and Terry Dobson. Dan provides that "What was that?" for me now.......

I have no problem with you staying with what you do or questioning what you question.....but back to the future is out there in a number of places and I have access to it now in a couple of places...Dan being one of them.

good luck with everything....

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