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Bruce Baker
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The fact that we have people who have never been attacked is a testament to either rooting out the bad elements of our society, or the structual protection of certain segments of our society due to education, income, population, and structual law enforcement in particular communities.

The protection of the innocent by those who are not so innocent.

Maybe having half of your acquaintences go through AA, go to jail, or become the same low income social failures that their parents were, barely staying off of welfare, is enough to awaken the mind to the fact that the innocent geeks have begun to rule the world, gain the better income, and although some of them failed, most of them have a pretty good life.

Violent society?

Depends how many guardian angels lurk in the crowd.

Long replys by those who never been attacked?

Sorry, I have been attacked enough times to know what it is like, and stood between harms way enough to know what it is like.

The best way to measure the way of peace is to measure the length of happiness a family enjoys over hundreds of years, and if each generation was able to cope with the problems of the day?

As complicated as that may be, that is the measured way to define each generations 'Way of Harmony', or find the 'Way of Peace' for what is today.

As a sidebar ... Maybe wisdom does come with age, and that is why when someone is declared to be a "shihan" before age sixty there is always a hollow validity to being called shihan.

Being a teacher of teachers may not be applicable to this post, but then again we all try to balance the positive and negative energy that drives our emotions, and we are all human, aren't we?
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