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Re: Kimchee

This is my basic recipe

For each large head of Napa/Chinese cabbage:

Add 4 tb pickling or sea salt to 8 cups room temperature water
Mix, let stand until clear (about 20 minutes)
Wash and core cabbage; cut into 2" pieces
Place in large nonreactive container, pour the brine over, weight it and let it sit at room temperature for 6 to 15 hours (recipe says 12 hours; I go up or down dependingn on what is convenient if you are doing it during the day or overnight)

In a nonreactive container, large enough to toss the cabbage in, mix
3 scallions, slivered lengthwise, chopped into 2-3" pieces
1-2 diced cloves of garlic
1-2 tb minced or grated fresh garlic
1 tsp salt
1 - 2 tb hot red pepper powder
+ enough toasted sesame oil and rice vinegar to form a paste
OPTIONAL: 1 tb mirin, 1/2 cup julienned carrots or daikon, zest of lime or lemon, 1/2 peeled and diced lime, lemon, orange or tangerine

Have a large clean wide mouthed jar or some smaller clean jars
Squeeze excess brine from the cabbage
Add the paste to the cabbage and hand rub/toss so the pieces are well coated (I wear disposable gloves to keep the chile oil from getting onto my hands)
Stuff the cabbage mix into the jar(s), pushing and tamping down very well to avoid air pockets
Cover the jars loosely - don’t seal
Put the jars where they can stay under 70 degrees; I find 60 - 68 is optimal

After 3-4 days, taste, and if you like it, cap and refrigerate. It will continue to very slowly ferment in the fridge. It will last in the fridge for months. If it gets too sour to enjoy eating, it is perfect for hot and sour soup.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: my personal, nontraditional spice preference is equal parts crushed Aleppo red pepper flakes (hot and flavorful, not killer hot) and smoked paprika because I love the smokiness from the paprika - making a vegan version is provides the umami that oysters, fish or fermented fish sauce would provide in a non-vegan version.

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