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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Kimchee

Janet, you have once again broached a topic near and dear to me.

Please do not read further if you have a delicate digestive system (although, anyone who loves kimchee, by nature must have a cast-iron constitution).

In the back of my refrigerator is a 2-gallon jar of kimchee that has been a-moulderin' there for several years. Last week, I scraped off the mold that had formed a thin blanket over the top layer, and found that the rest of the batch was exquisite. I am deliberating whether to mix in a little more anchovy paste...

My point being that, along with its many other virtues, kimchee keeps for a long time. I recall reading that Korean families will bury earthern pots in their yards and dig them up one at a time, over a period of years, replacing the removed pot with a fresh one to keep the kimchee comin'.
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