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Re: Atemi and Aikido

Rupert Atkinson wrote: View Post
Well - those two vids above are all well and good but it's nothing to do with Aikido. How are you going to learn aiki if you train like that? Aikido is The Way of Aiki as far as I'm concerened. Atemi in Aikido (or Jujutsu for that matter), if that is what you want to do, simply have to be applied within the flow of the technique.
I think that Aiki should be understood before rushing into striking like that but I still feel it's essential. Those "One hit then throw" techniques won't always work so if they are to fail, especially considering the degradation of motor skills and the likelihood of a freeze should a technique fail or something go wrong, striking is always a simple skill to fall back on and I think if worked with properly, it can work fine with Aikido and has everything to do with it.

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
IMO training atemi like that is like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. That's not to say I find it pointless, I just don't think it's addressing what the art of aikido is supposed to be about. To me it's a modern response to the question many people have about how impractical the techniques of aikido seem to be in actual fighting situations. So they take the "aikido is 80% atemi" quote and head off into the weeds in an effort to figure out how to actually apply an ikkyo to some big strong guy in a bar fight or worse yet, someone with some fighting skill. So you end up training to delivery semi-decent strikes (at best) while moving into techniques, but you've done nothing to address when the guy stumbles, falls into you and you both go crashing to the ground because you lack the stability and structure to stay on your feet and then you're off looking for something else to cross-train in (unless you've already done that) to get that and maybe still wondering how O'sensei was able to do what he did while really only training in one thing... ymmv
Like I said, I think that all Aikidoka should have a good base in Aikido and have a good foundation and understanding of all the principles before moving into learning strikes. I agree that striking doesn't necessarily address what Aikido is about, but still feel it to be very important. Also, if not studying how to deliver strikes yourself, at least study how they could be thrown at you.

As far as practicality, I have complete faith in Aikido, if it's trained properly. And this is probably because of all my previous training in striking styles, but I still want to include it in my Aikido without having interfere with the flow. To me, slugging it out isn't Aikido, but a few timed strikes to confuse the opponent may be the only way to even get close enough to deliver a good technique (considering they're experienced).
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