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Vantage on the conversations

Just wanted to contribute what I can to this. I can appreciate where people are coming from when it comes to the profit motive. While I didn't make any assumptions in this regard, when I first began reading these threads and their testimonials (which these threads often produce in abundance) they hit me like an advertizement.
That being said, while I am sure it varies depending on the needs of the venue, my extremely brief exposure to your seminar left me fairly confident that there is more than mere salesmanship going on; I was told to pay what I could afford and was given no demand for what that should be. If I had more time and money (paying is only fair after all) I would definately attend more. Comparing the 2 "IP" seminars I attended (and I only caught a cursory glimpse of those) with others I was hoping to attend, the price was the most affordable.
It was only after reading what certain people had to say here on AikiWeb that my suspension of belief changed to believing it would be worthwhile to check it out. I'm only a beginner, but from what I could see, at the very least there is good stuff being taught (i.e. applies to all ranges of skill, or at least the ones for which I believe I have some recognition) and the exposure to the other folks who attended made it worthwhile in its own right.
The biggest problem I see with these conversations has to do with differences in personality and communication style. For many, the message isn't often put in a user-friendly manner and is rarely apologetic for this fact. Only in the last year or so have I perceived a change in this approach...and I am very happy to see it because, yes, I do see these IP conversations moving forward, even if sometimes only by inches.
"Whatever" though...we all progress in our own time and in our own ways. What matters is that we maintain connection and keep ironing it out, doing our best not to get frustrated to the point where it interferes with how we engage each other, or worse yet perhaps, stop trying altogether. wooden nickle...

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