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Re: Financial self-protection

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Sweet! (Of course pun intended!) Even I can do that! ...and I know a couple bee keepers, woot!
OK: proportion is one part honey to four parts warm water in a wide mouthed jar. Shake or stir well. Put cheesecloth or paper towel over the mouth to keep bugs out or anything from falling in. Stir very aggressively a couple of times a day - reversing direction to make vortices.
When the yeast starts turning sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, stirring will make it foam up like crazy so don't fill the jar more than halfway!
I tend to refrigerate it pretty young, when still very sweet, and let is slowly age more in the fridge.
You can get creative too with flavorings - in the summer I added backyard feral blackberries and then filtered them out before refrigerating - YUM! - I like a little ginger or a little rosewater sometimes too.

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