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Re: Financial self-protection

We are used to living pretty cheaply by American standards because we are not into buying "toys" or shopping as a pastime. Have some retirement savings, not enough by most people's reckoning but more than most of my good friends who are artists or otherwise "underemployed."
Funny that my sister, who has worked and saved her butt off in order to have a comfortable retirement is way more frightened than I am about reductions in standards of living. I lived in squats, shivering with cold, and made soup from dumpster-dived produce in my early adulthood, so poverty per se just doesn't scare me.
We have plenty of room for growing food, assuming there is water for it ... There are enough seed savers in the local area for us to share resources with if need be. I told Stu years ago, if/when we can't fuel our cars we are getting a goat. Goat can eat the plentiful brush out back and get harnessed to a small cart to get us the couple of miles into town and back. :-)
I can sew pretty much anything we need to wear and have enough fabric on hand to keep us clad for years if as of tomorrow there was no possibility of buying clothes either new or used (and at least half our clothes are bought used).
I half expect environmental collapse before I reach old age and basically tell myself I've been incredibly fortunate to have lived this far in such a privileged, comfortable condition in terms of food and shelter so had better not be too churlish if it stops before my last breath. Frankly I'm not that attached to life for the sake of life and would at least consider opting out by my own hand if things got too bad.

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