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Re: Financial self-protection

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Seriously though, is that a fairly easy process refining grain? It never hurts to consider alternative fuel sources.
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If by refining grain you mean creating alcohol, no, it's not difficult at all. Water, a source of carbs (sugar, corn, etc.), and yeast. Given enough time the stuff ferments creating alcohol. Heck, if you've ever made real sourdough bread from a starter the clear liquid that forms on top over time is actually alcohol (hence the name "hooch"). Distillation can be a bit involved, but it ain't rocket science. And done correctly it can go in to some gas tanks or in to highball glass... Done correctly being the critical point here.

Of course in the US it is illegal to distill alcohol for consumption, even if it is only for personal consumption in small amounts. So any knowledge I have of the topic is based on reading and *purely* hypothetical discussions. Or by making it for cleaning purposes. Or for disinfectant purposes... Yeah, that's it... High proof alcohol is great for cleaning old oil off swords...

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