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Re: Atemi and Aikido

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
I am not talking about "relying" on it at all. And I am not even saying you only get one of 'em. I am mostly saying that working on combinations and jabs and such does two things: takes time away from learning technical basics, and moves you into the realm of sport fighting.

What are you saying doesn't happen very often?
I'm saying that encounters with just one fully committed strike don't happen that often - and if they do they tend to be fairly low level.

I think that it's a long way from combinations and jabs to sport fighting, there's a whole world in between.

Anyway, by "relying" I meant that if that's how you train then that's how you'll end up.

For technical basics - the strikes are (or should be) all in the technical basics, all in the same basic method of body usage, if you've got one you've got the other, IMO.



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