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Re: Financial self-protection

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
Guns may have some practical value, but the gold thing, I dont get.
If we're talking zombie apocalypse fiscal cliff stuff, I'd like to remind the compound's admissions panel that I know how to grow grains, extract oil from them, and turn the grain into ethanol, as well as turning the extracted oil into biodiesel. Ethanol and biodiesel are pretty damn useful things, in the zombie apocalypse compound.
I have to wonder about the gold thing too. On a simple level I get the idea of stockpiling part of what is supposed to make the paper worthwhile, but at the end of the day I'm in favor of what I think of as real wealth and not abstract wealth. Guns are great tools. My dad was a hunter so I was raised with an appreciation for that (BB gun at age 4 kinda pissed mom off though). He quit hunting though, saying, "I'd rather shoot them with a camera."
Biodiesel/etc. noted and is being taken under consideration. Currently we're in need of people with the Twinkie recipe...any viable skills there?
Seriously though, is that a fairly easy process refining grain? It never hurts to consider alternative fuel sources.
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