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First introduction SenAik

Hi community,

just to give a very brief introduction of myself.

Unfortunately, I encountered Aikido rather late (at the age of 53). This happened more or less accidentially by reading anti stress "tipps and tricks"in a manager magazine.

After attending a trial lesson in - let's call it - "dojo 1" where the sensei laughted at me because of my clumsy behaviour, I trained myself in the very first basics of ukemi using a blanket and YouTube in my living room.

Now, I have been in "dojo 2" since May 2012 and I am really happy with the way Aikido is taught, We do it twice a week (beginners course), Once with focus on spiritual background of techniques (finding and concentration on Ki and centre) and once more or less the kihon no waza.

I am doing Aikido because I am fascinated by the philosophical aspect of this "martial art" and the way and possibilties of body control. Even after 6 months it gives me inner quietness and self confidence.

Really look forward to an interesting exchange of experiences (in particular, beginners, of course) but support and hints from the well trained friends of Aikido as well.

Kindest regards

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