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Krystal Locke
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Re: Financial self-protection

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Thanks, Krystal. I am not selling it. I am just stating my ideas. I have everything I need, again, at this moment.
I see you think about it differently.
I do, because, oops, this moment is gone. And now, the next one. And eventually, I will be stuck in a this moment 20 years from now, and I wont be working, I likely wont be training, I wont have my nice house, my partner, my health unless I plan for that future this moment.

If I have everything I need, and I hugely do, it is primarily because I planned, worked the plan, and invested the results of the worked plan in several former this moments. I am ambitious, and I work toward comfort and security for my small family.

I find that turning your back on the 800 pound gorilla in the room is poor self defense.

Glad your way works for you. I hope it continues to. I have fair assurance my way will, if I take the correct wise steps.

I am an ant.
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