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Re: Financial self-protection

Rupert Atkinson wrote: View Post
What with the economies of the world going nuts, what are you guys doing to protect your future?
Buying gold and guns of course! Nothing says long life like soft shiny metals, and haggling always seems to go better when you have a gun in your hand.
Ok, actually, I'm learning a little about local flora (who knew dandylions were so valuable? Also I've got a good line on matsutake, thanks to marrying into a Japanese-American family), thinking about fresh water collection, and ways to keep warm in the winter. I have a small stockpile of seeds I'm practicing "farming" (poorly) potatoes and carrots, along with my fishin gear, are my current best bet for surviving potentially thin resource availability.
So, in a nutshell, my financial protection has little to do with money directly. "Mottai nai," and self-sufficiency are my rules of thumb since I see no way of regulating my finances in a way that doesn't put me in someone else's pocket. I have some stocks and whatnot, but since their value seem to be so heavily based on the fears and whims of the masses (ad the fabulously wealthy) I don't put, in them. I do like what little I understand of IRAs though.

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