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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Now, look at 6:03-6:24. Do you see Ueshiba trying to misdirect his attackers so that they fall into each other? Instead, Ueshiba tosses them left and right through power and control.
To be fair, Mark, in that 1935 video he doesn't do anything like that, but in later post-war vids he does a variety of things like that to throw his ukes.

It's also worth noting that Ueshiba in the 1935 video doesn't look or move quite like post-war Ueshiba. In the 1935 video he always keeps his body stretched and full. His arms have that almost stiff looking quality that guys like Shioda were known for and he obviously evolved/conditioned himself beyond the need for that in his later years.

If people want to call that misdirection and "catching" someone or their intent "aiki" why not just let them do it? Ueshiba didn't really seem to care too much as he did it himself and to some degree he seemed to approve of people practicing with that intention.