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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

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Or how about training in Aikido and doing freestyle...then one can understand what Chris and Tom are talking about.
Been there, done that. So, I have the experiences you're talking about *and* I have the experiences of training with "vetted" IP/aiki teachers *and* I have done the research. Have *you* trained with a "vetted" IP/aiki teacher. Have *you* done all the research? Can you go back through and actually use your research to uphold your ideals/theories/ideas? And not like David Soroko and just cherry picking one small quote, but actually finding multiple correlated items?

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It is different than what you are talking about. Redefining Aikido to fit what you are teaching is cutting out big parts of it.
Yep, you bet it does. It's exactly the reason why most Modern Aikido lacks Ueshiba's aiki, why people around the globe think similarly to Chris Hein on "aiki", and why there has been a lack of modern day Ueshiba's, Shioda's, Tomiki's, Shirata's, Mochizuki's, etc. You keep redefining "aiki" to fit what you can do, rather than to define it how Ueshiba (and all his peers, his teacher, and various other martial greats) did.

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Randori is part of Aikido. Being able to move with and blend with your ukes is important. Citing authority and saying something a million times won't make it different.
No one is arguing that randori isn't part of aikido. No one is saying that what Chris posted wasn't "important". It just isn't aiki. Can it be high level jujutsu? Sure. Can it be very effective? Absolutely. Is it aiki? No. If you have aiki, can you have the skills displayed by Chris' video? Sure. But, you can have them without aiki, too.