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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

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some more "external jujutsu movements": (about 1:11:23 time mark) (about 1:12:14 time mark)
Great googly moogly. You're trying to equate not being stabbed/cut from a weapon with "evading" in football? Really?

Or is this just another example of "cherry picking". You seem to be in a habit of doing that in this thread and then denying it and saying it isn't important to your usage of cherry picking.

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I think that me agreeing or disagreeing is not important. The important thing is that your work has integrity. More to the point, will you revisit your take on what is and isn't aiki in the light the quote?

Here it is again

The source is Aikido Journal, article is titled "Interview with Morihei Ueshiba published in Shukan Yomiuri in 1956". I believe that you need to be a member to view it on
How about doing the research and actually coming up with valid points regarding Ueshiba's aiki as compared to Hein's "aiki". I say Hein's "aiki" because he has yet to explain where he came up with his definition. There are tons of information out there on Ueshiba's aiki and how Ueshiba defined it. The two do not match.