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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
No one in the IP/IS group ever said that moving out of the way was not a valid martial movement; it can be done with or without aiki, and in of itself, it really is not aiki; just part of an external jujutsu movement. As said, If that is how one looks at it and likes to keep their Aikido in that frame of perspective, that is fine. What we are saying is that there is much more out there, and for those looking for more, here is something to look into - simple as that.

Well, that sounds reasonable enough.

But as moving out of the way (I thought the English word for it was evasion) is a valid martial movement that can be done with aiki - what is the objection to talk about it in this thread?

There are a lot of evasive movements that are practiced in Aikido dojo all over the world, what is the objection to comparing these?

What is the objection to look at similar movements in other arts?

What is the objection against looking at examples from for instance predators and prey in nature?

How about looking at choreographed fights in movies - any objections to examples from that?