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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

David Soroko wrote: View Post
In the same interview the founder says:

When an opponent comes to attack you, you just move your body ***slightly*** to avoid his attack, and let him go wherever he wants. This is Aiki. In other words, you give him freedom.
I find that this sits well with the football video. Are you cherry picking your quotes Mark? In a research?
No...there is no comparison.
Are you cherry picking sentences? Do you know why what he said is relevant to this:
"Not a feather can be added, nor can a fly alight that doesn't induce rotation."
Do you know how it fits perfectly with his other comments in many other areas. They all fit together once you understand how to move the body. If you don't end up moving like the average guy.
Obviously you don't understand how it fits together, hence the confusion you have about Ueshiba's statements, training exercises, power and aiki, but your not my confusion.

I lay it all out for people, start to finish, complete with his exercises, and why they worked and how to do them and what they were for, and then tie it back to his sayings and how they, tie into other work. Then...I actually demonstrate unusual power created from them...and...teach.
Oh well.