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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Considering that I have correlated hundreds of items from interviews, articles, and books - and posted it here, I think "cherry picking" would certainly be very hard to prove. Now, if someone were to just post one small snippet of one interview to bolster their opinion, why, that might certainly be "cherry picking". Wouldn't you agree?
Well, in all fairness, I can see where the below statement could be construed to represent an external movement to avoid contact to someone not familiar with the internal concepts and principles of Ueshiba's Aiki. However, if looked at from the internal perspective, the statement also supports the IP/IS concepts - as in, slightly move internally to set up dual opposing spiral in you so on contact the aggressor's attack is sent off in a tangent thus avoiding the attack and the attacker can go his own way, or you can help him along; your choice

When an opponent comes to attack you, you just move your body slightly to avoid his attack, and let him go wherever he wants. This is Aiki. In other words, you give him freedom.
I wanted to look more at the source of that statement for proper context, but there was no proper reference provided by the poster other than is was part of an interview you quoted; which were many from what I could see.