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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

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I think you confuse information with evidence.

Not really. That information is evidence if you are conversant and competent in it, you understand it.
Certain evidence in court is beyond the ability for a judge or jury to understand, so a court calls in experts to review. I have not met or seen, or have heard...of a an expert in Aikido who ever came forth to:
  • Explain what Ueshiba meant
  • Where and how it ties in to other cultural references to the same work
  • Why the same exact terminology keeps showing up across generations and oceans.
  • Demonstrate Ueshiba's exercises and show and teach how they have a dramatic effect... on the spot.
  • Demonstrate his power.

So ...when it comes to evidence, were that judge looking for an expert for the material we are supposedly debating, who could he go to within Aikido? In other words, our communities lack of understanding of what Ueshiba said,(by their own admission) what it meant, where it comes from and how it applies does not one thing to invalidate it as evidence does it? The only evidence that remains is that it is plainly evident that the teachers in the art do not have an answer. We are the ones showing up with the better translations (hell some of it was never translated), the origins and cultural comparisons, the explanations for the terminology and....wait....actual ability to demonstrate unusual power.
And you have come up with no one, no one at all, to counter anything, much less demonstrate unusual power?

For what reason (other than from time to time to write in to correct people) should I care about opinion about this evidence from people who have never even heard of it, don't know where it comes from, what it means and can't demonstrate anything unusual at all?
In law, evidence is argued by bought men more interested in winning, then in truth. If you enter a court room looking for truth, you're a fool. We are talking about Budo, not law and one level of evidence that remains compelling to the experts in Budo that is so far, beyond reproach: I touch hands with them.
Magically, the debate over evidence.....ends, truth arrives, friends are made.

The only place the debate has any life is on the net. Face to face, no one has presented anything that proved successful against what we are presenting. At this point I am fairly convinced that there isn't anyone who is able to demonstrate a counter to what we are discussing, in terminology or skill.
It really makes a clear statement that a 100% conversion rate has had little effect in the argument. I can only imagine what wold happen if 100% of the people who tried Aikido....were converted to doing Aikido. Aikido-ka would be shouting that from the roof tops. That alone makes a statement about bought men looking to win at any cost, and not caring about the truth.

I keep looking toward the future. That future is standing in rooms with Aikido Shihan and other teachers, who are stadning i rooms with teachers from so many other arts I lost count all sharing, laughing and genuinely, and earnestly seeking truth. A truth without attachment, where honesty and sincerity prevail over factions and protecting the status quo.

I have never seen such a diverse range of teachers from so many different arts all standing in the same room learning. I am told by many teachers it does this more than the Aikido Journal demonstrations even did.
We are going to change the face of modern Aikido, one dojo at a time. This is not a fad. It is Ueshiba's vision of aiki, re-emerging and it is as compelling as he was.


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