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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

David Soroko wrote: View Post
Got it; no similarity, three times a week and "research aikiweb for the relevent research".

Just occurred to me, your research is hidden in plain site! :-)
It sort of is.

For example, Tenryu tried to push Ueshiba over and could not. Why couldn't Tenryu move Ueshiba? Ueshiba's answer was that Tenryu failed because he (Ueshiba) knew the secret of aiki. The secret of aiki is used in push tests to remain stable. Now, compare that with the video of the US football receiver. Where in all of that is there any indication of the receiver being pushed on in any manner? Secret of aiki, remember is used in push tests.

Relevent research here:

Search YouTube for Kaz Tanahashi (I think that's spelled right) and how he talks about how Saito and his people used to push on Ueshiba all the time.

Now, compare how Ueshiba viewed push tests as part of his aiki with the US football receiver dodging and evading attacker's and that definition of "aiki". The two are nowhere near each other. Hence, my posts to Chris on where he learned this definition of "aiki" as it clearly is opposite what Ueshiba has stated.