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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

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To be constructive I respectfully offer that an internet forum is not a good format to stage supporting evidence, state a position and argue it from the evidence. At this day and age it should cost about 0.0$ to establish a small web site to host all that, and it seems that there is enough cognitive firepower to create the content. There will be less ambiguities and passive aggressive "I did my research, now you do yours".

Aikiweb then can be used to openly discuss the evidence and the arguments.
I disagree. There is a ton of information here on Aikiweb. Just because people don't want to do the research to find it doesn't invalidate its presence here on Aikiweb. I and others have laid out quite a lot of research pointing to what Ueshiba meant about aiki. Other people just state that this is their definition and when asked for any research ... Well, historically, the discussion gets turned to personalities, word definition, and them asking for spoon fed research.

Where did Chris get his definition of aiki?