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Re: Aiki no Rentai

Thanks for the information Dan

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I keep the hands straight. That said, talking about the hands this way is ridiculous (yes I know some heavy hitters say different. I don't care). All it does is keep you from the real goods-perhaps purposefully.
So Takeda and Osensei both may have hidden the real goods behind the mere "form" of turning the hands?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Maybe a better question is what did he say in class and what was ...he...actually doing.
Then again what is ...aiki age that could be changed?
What creates aiki-age cannot truly be changed, while the external movement can be altered all over the place to look like many things.
What I'm asking, which relates to the possibility of asagao being a mere facade for hiding the real goods, is whether Sagawa changed that external movement for the very purpose of focusing on the internal process of raising the hands.

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