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Re: A Ueshiba launch

Guy N. L. Jameson wrote: View Post
I have always found this video very interesting. Particularly because the exercises are very similar to those taught by my teacher Tamura sensei. It is complicated because there is no sound and so it is difficult to know if the jump was an integral part of the exercise or an explanation - he only appears to do it the first time.

That series of exercises is very reminiscent of Tamura, In my case I practiced them much more with Pierre Chassang....but I've never seen that pop up by Tamura or Pierre, even though I feel Pierre was researching very much in the same area as Dan.

I have seen film of Shioda moving in suwariwaza in a way thats 'abnormal' to my eyes a hovercraft almost......I look forward to finding out if its similar to Dans work that Rob describes.
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