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Re: A Ueshiba launch

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Lars Beyer wrote:
Maybe time for you guys to readjust your tactics in relation to social media.
Just saying- fwiw.
There aren't really any "you guys" (I've never met Rob in my life) and there really aren't any "tactics", but I've said it before, and I'll say it again - video's not really that useful.

We've already got plenty of video of Ueshiba, if video worked that well then everybody would be able to do and/or understand what he was doing already.

Isn't this the heart of the matter? In the age of instant gratification, "you tube is truth!" and "show me the money"
As you and I have discussed....

We have: The worst budo since budo was probably living legends, half assed hobbyist...who are instant experts and gad flies on the internet. My producing a video would help no one, but myself. and would only help "market" something I really have no interest in marketing. Contrary to the repeated insults offered here I have no interest in marketing a product.
( Note* none of those insults have ever come from anyone here from a senior level who did enough research behind the scenes to know better)

My real interest is in helping the budo people who want to be helped. And I am doing that all over, week after week. Someone thinking that video will help is ridiculous. Exhaustive hands on training is what will help. Ironically the oft repeated refrain is that many, if not most, people in budo are not legends, are not giants, are not truly exemplary budo-ka. And ladies and gentlemen....that was the result of decades of their lives in hands-on practice doing the wrong things to make budo work.
You expect a video to fix what you could not replicate over decades?

If and when I ever do a video (and we are discussing it) it will be instructional. It will be limited to IP address, single use purchase, and copyrighted, as contrary to another persons internet gossip, my exercises and methods are my own. And it will be help as best I can, with a video.
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