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Diana Frese
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Re: Healing power of Aikido

Was just crawling under the desk with dustpan and brush because driveway gravel pulverized by long years tends to be tracked inside... and lots of it. Put the desk chair back and resumed reading.

Noticed some very good posts, many by people whose posts I often read and respect, but this one I would definitely post in a prominent place in a dojo, if I get another one or suggest to any I might visit. It's Mary Malmros statement that begins with "A dojo is a place where....."

About old dogs, I remember visiting Ray Farinato's dojo several years ago (recently we have "transportation problems") John Hrabushi one of the Connecticut people who started many years ago, had been in a severe accident, someone had motioned him to pass and then he had encountered a truck with his motorcycle since he believed the one who signaled. Not sure of the details but John suffered severe injury to his leg. But he was training that day and I noticed that he, like myself had gray hair. He said something like, at least we're still here, giving me, too, the status of an old timer.

So the next week or so I was talking with a friend (who does not practice) and in talking about the Aikido event I watched, I mentioned that I had been pleased to be recognized as one of the Big Dogs by John. And I added, to my friend, the Big OLD Dogs.

Haven't seen John in years but I will think of him when I get back on the mat or Chuck and I start training again in the yard with some friends. And I will take Mary's quotation with me.

Thanks Mary and thanks all of you for sharing all your perceptions.
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