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Re: Aikido Isn't Bullshit

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Most books came from ... ?
Ueshiba's actual translated words appear ... ?
Research indicates that Ueshiba said ... ?
I am not sure what you are saying here. I only said that the general image of Aikido as published in most books, websites, blogs, magazines is very much in concurrence with Ewen's words.

Unfortunately, my research indicates that most people are wrong, which is why I asked for clarification and research to support these notions. Do you have it?
You mean the general image of Aikido is according to you incorrect. You have perhaps a different image of Aikido. That is fine.

Cited references?
Well, you did not give me any cited references for your research?
I have been writing a few things about Omoto kyo on my weblog http://aikido-auvergne-kumano.blogsp...filosofie.html
and will be writing some more soon. The influence of Deguchi on O Sensei is quite clear - although not everything in the article relates directly to the discussion at hand.

Nice introduction into the ideas of Omoto kyo; Frederick Franck " an encounter with Oomoto kyo "the great origin" (interestingly Frederick Franck compares the ideas of Nao Deguchi with Teilhard de Chardin - another great christian thinker who also had a vision for mankind)

So, we agree that Kisshomaru changed a lot and created what most of us consider Modern Aikido. Now, what changes were made? What did Ueshiba actually teach/espouse? Cited references? I think this is an area where everyone should be looking for truth. Just taking the normal, "that's what most people think" approach hasn't gotten us anywhere in 40 + years. Taking the research what Ueshiba actually said/did approach has given us major leaps and advances in IP/aiki.

That's not saying that Modern Aikido is good/bad or right/wrong. Just that there are major differences between Modern Aikido and Ueshiba's IP/aiki.
As far as I am concerned there is only Aikido - just like there is only music. You may prefer a certain kind of music, you may feel that this singer is much better then the other, but in the end it is all music. And that has value in itself. Instead of judging this kind of music or that kind it is often best to just sit back and enjoy.
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