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Re: Aikido Isn't Bullshit

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When we think about Aikido and the teachings of the founder then I think Ewen's words reflect the image most people have of Aikido. It certainly reflects what most books tell us about Aikido and what the majority of the shihan are teaching us.
Most books came from ... ?
Ueshiba's actual translated words appear ... ?
Research indicates that Ueshiba said ... ?

Unfortunately, my research indicates that most people are wrong, which is why I asked for clarification and research to support these notions. Do you have it?

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If we look at the teachings of Omoto kyo, of wich O Sensei was a follower, we recognize the same goals, even often the same wordings in which they were expressed.
Cited references?

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Yes, we can say that his son simplified Aikido in order to popularize the art, he created a curriculum of techniques that made it more comprehensible to teach and to learn, he took out much of the Shinto references and kotodama exercises. But we should credit the nidai doshu for all his work, for it is not likely that any of us would be practicing Aikido, thinking about its philosophy or have talks on the subject like on this forum if it were not for him (and a number of students of O Sensei).

So, we agree that Kisshomaru changed a lot and created what most of us consider Modern Aikido. Now, what changes were made? What did Ueshiba actually teach/espouse? Cited references? I think this is an area where everyone should be looking for truth. Just taking the normal, "that's what most people think" approach hasn't gotten us anywhere in 40 + years. Taking the research what Ueshiba actually said/did approach has given us major leaps and advances in IP/aiki.

That's not saying that Modern Aikido is good/bad or right/wrong. Just that there are major differences between Modern Aikido and Ueshiba's IP/aiki.

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